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Traditional Techniques | Modern Design

Danielle is a tinkerer: She loves finding projects to keep her hands busy. This mindset is what eventually brought her to jewelry design. A strong believer in DIY, Danielle dove head first into jewelry making. What began as a small hobby trying to recreate themes she found in fashion magazines, has become a serious labor of love. Her analytical and detail oriented background has given her the ability to teach herself techniques as she's needed them and find new and inventive ways to apply her inspiration. 


Like her mother, she is an avid antique collector and also takes inspriation from the Victorian craft of French Beading Flowers. Using this traditional technique and others, Danielle  adds her own clever flair to create modern and unique designs that fit in everywhere from the catwalk to the sidewalk.



Danielle's passion for jewelry began when she was a child. Her mother, an avid antique collector would set Danielle free while she shopped and chatted with her favorite proprietor and dear friend "Aunt Toni". Being no more than three feet tall at the time, the only thing at eye level the were dazzling displays of fine jewelry. As Danielle got older, Aunt Toni would let her spend her time in the store trying on various pieces and soaking up as much information and experience as possible.


Always in motion and in search of a creative outlet, Danielle experimented with and took classes in different crafts and arts including card making, scrap-booking, painting, drawing, sewing and photography.



Her creativity took a technical turn when she studied Mechanical Engineering at Boston University and eventually landed a job in her field designing specialty doors.

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